arlo's 3rd concert

this summer the 234th army band (the army band i am in) played several shows with Pink Martini for the Oregon! Oregon! show celebrating Oregon's sesquicentennial anniversary. It was an AMAZING show. even though we got there early, the lawn was totally packed and so we didn't have the best seats... so, here are a bunch of pictures of Arlo and Dan while we waited the 2 hours for the show to start. they are so adorable.

the master bubble blower
snuggling up to keep warm
he did so well! super smiley and in a good mood... and then fell asleep!
here is a not-so-good video. for the last 4 songs, 234th army band got to play with Pink Martini. this one happened to be my favorite, but they were all great!!!


matriarch said...

These pictures are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! I love that you captured the picture of Arlo blowing a spit bubble!!!

Also love the video!!
Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

Oh, he's so cute!! I love every picture of him I get to see! Sad that it's already cold in Portland:(

Ksenia said...

so so cute! I LOVE that third picture. what a great shot.

sharla_bee said...

That's great! I love Pink Martini. I got to go to a concert a couple years ago. It was awesome!