Arlo takes a bite... or two.... or more


He wasn't too excited about it at first... but by the end of the "meal" he had taken to it quite well.
The next night he tried some banana...
And 5 nights later, he loves it!
Still has some work to do on the swallowing, after a few bites he gets the hang of it.

Tonight as I fed him, he was getting very excited and his arms were waving everywhere (also because he was tired and in a mood), he whacked the spoon with his hand and the cereal got him right on the nose.


and just a cute picture of the babe. love him.



Rachel said...

Wow, he transformed over night! He's always been a beauty but all of the sudden he's super light. And banana, I can't believe that... He's a big boy!

BTW, I have thought about you for the last two days since it's been beautiful... WE have to get pictures soon and I've been working or else I would have called spontaneously like you mentioned- in hopes of beating the rain! After we get back in town I will give you a jingle but I have a date and time in mind. Talk to you soon.

Ksenia said...

That a cutie patootie! Glad he likes food :)
My favorites are the two where he has food on his face!

Kimberly said...

Wow...what a beautiful boy. I love his eyes!! It looks like he had fun :)

sharla_bee said...

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! What a cutie!

Marissa and Blaine said...

Oh he's so cute! What gorgeous blue eyes! I'm glad he likes his new style of eating! When Mylee saw the pictures of him with food on his face, she said, "Oh, baby messy. He needs a wipey!" =)

Rob and Marseille said...

that looks thick for a baby's first feeding. Our dr. suggested starting with the yellow squash family (after rice cereal). I can tell this is because it aids in digestion. If he has problems, try that. We did pumpkin & yams...will try peas soon...and making your own is sooo easy and cheap!
How are those diapers now ;)

Mark 'n Melissa Oliver said...

You are so amazingly talented Courtney. And have such a cute baby boy. :) Good luck with Whittle My Middle! We can do this! And you'll be ready for your Army PT test before you know it. Thanks for inviting me to the get togethers. I hope to join you guys soon, when I visit next. Take care! :)