7 big months

I cannot believe that my baby is 7 months old. Everything up to 6 months I felt pretty okay with. However, any number over 6 months is a big deal... it's old in baby age! Crawling around... getting into things... teeth... not so little anymore.

About 4 days after our little piglet turned 6 months old, he started scooting. He picked it up quickly and boy can this kid move! His favorite things about his new mobility are: pulling drawers open, finding cords, Lucy's water dish, and the plant in the hotel room that we had removed (sorry, buddy).

Arlo now has 3 teeth, all on the bottom. I am waiting for that 4th one to come up, but it seems to want to take it's time. The first two came really close together and these aren't doing it. But, Arlo likes to bite mom, so we're OK with him not getting too many teeth.

He loves people. He will smile at a random person in the store even if they aren't looking at him! He just puts on the charm and gets that person to look at him, even if he has to squeal with delight.

Arlo has also found a new love for cheerios. Man, he loves them. He loves pretty much everything we've given him though... except he decided that bananas were nasty about 3 weeks ago and has never gone back. He would rather eat spinich & potatoes.

We love our little guy so much! He is getting so big and still cuter every day! Happy 7 months, Arlo! Keep up the good work!


Ksenia said...

What a cutie! Great job with these, I especially like the first one.

kandra said...

The banana thing made me laugh! Isn't it hilarious how they do that? Brandon loves bananas, I have avoid/hide them when he comes grocery shopping with me because he thinks he should have them that very minute :)

The Barlows said...

He is completely adorable, I LOVE the photos!

Andrea said...

Arlo is a doll baby! Such cute pictures. He is growing up. Yes, seven months sounds a lot older than anything under six months. I promise though, you will love every stage/age more than the last.

Verenice said...

He's too cute. I think he would do circles around Elijah seeing as he want crawl yet and the kids 9 months. In fact, as I saw your skinny baby, I thought it would be cute to get our two babies together naked to see the difference in a picture. You would laugh!

Marissa and Blaine said...

What a stud! He looks so sweet and innocent. Great job with the pictures! You are one talented woman!!!

Awesome said...

Amazing pictures! Arlo just keeps getting cuter!

Tommy hates bananas too. He would rather eat salmon and broccoli... weird.