little helper


look who decided to get interested in "helping" with the laundry. yep. it took about six times as long, but it was super cute. how can you not think it's cute when this face is smiling up at you.
soon arlo, you will not like "helping" with laundry. don't worry... i will not do it for you once you are of age. you will be one of the few boys in college who can do his own laundry.


The Barlows said...

Amen Sister!!! My little Boy will be the same!!

Brady and Brittney said...

I love the one with his little toes sticking through the basket and especially the one where he has the severe look of concentration. I love how they concentrate so hard on simple things. Too cute! You have quite the cutie! Oh, and it's always worth it.

matriarch said...

My great grandson has the most adorable face!! Makes me want to just squeeze him!