Garage Sale

This Saturday, the 24th, we are selling many of our things at the Jackson School Neighborhood Garage sale (at Dan's parent's house). I thought I'd give my friends a heads up in case they wanted to call dibs on any of the following things before then (there will be many more smaller things for sale on Saturday, these are just a few of the larger ones):

-37 inch Sony Trinitron TV with stand & remote control ($60)

similar to this, but with a stand. there is a small chip in the speaker casing, but has no affect on sound quality or performance.

-Joovy Caboose sit and stand stroller with infant car seat attachment ($80)

-George Foreman grill ($10)

-Small rice cooker/veggie steamer ($5)

-Weight set, bench press/leg lift capabilities (best offer)

similar to this one, but more compact and more worn. It has been loved, but works totally fine. We bought a new bar for it about a year ago and haven't used it much since.

-Dell photo printer 720 ($5)


Rob and Marseille said...

why did you sell your double stroller?!?!!