i can do anything good!

i think we can all take a lesson from this little girl

i found it posted HERE

it's so easy to feel down on ourselves. i, for one, am guilty of this... especially recently. in the back of my head i try and tell myself how grateful i am for what i have, how blessed i am, that it will only help me to be positive and only hinder me to be negative. yet, i am still negative, i feel like i am failing at life. but, i really really need to be more like the above little girl. every day. i need to stop telling myself that i will be better and happier when i can sleep through the night and when my house is clean (it probably never will be until i have no children in the house) and when i have the energy and motivation to work out everyday. but, i am here to say... i will be positive (or at least try my darndest). every day i am going to think of and write down at least 5 things that i am good at. that i succeed at. that make me awesome. yes, i am awesome and so are you!!! you should do it with me!


Kimberly said...

I'm in! I'll totally do it with you. I think that this post illustrates perfectly, exactly how I feel.

Miss your guts!

Christy Wheeler said...

Sounds like a plan. I need some of that too.