we chopped the (mini) mop

we walked in and it was elmo central. once we checked in, the receptionist asked Arlo, "do you love elmo???" she was ignored by a blank stare at one of the many TVs... or maybe it was all of them, i don't think Arlo had ever seen elmo before; and the only "TV" he has really watched is a couple of signing time videos on the laptop other than a couple times at family or friends houses for brief amounts of time, nothing like this! he was pretty mesmerized. as you can see in a couple of the pictures below. he had fun driving that little car though :)


i couldn't believe my baby had to get a haircut! it was a little emotional (yeah, i am a crazy mom now)... but he looked so handsome afterward, and definitely more like a little boy. no more mullet in the back... sorry, buddy.


matriarch said...

Oh, my goodness!! He looks so handsome. But he is still growing up too fast to suit me! Why can't they stay little longer. Of course, it might be much easier for me to try to take care of him when he's more mobile. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

that's what she said...

ohhhh....handsome boy! i haven't gotten up the guts to cut bennett's hair. he's starting to look like a girl. lol.