only a month away from the big ONE.

What? My baby is 11 months old today? When the heck did that happen? I could have sworn he was still 9 months old...

This kid has quite the little personality. He is getting more opinionated and more hilarious. He knows that he can make us smile when he's doing something naughty if he does something cute, like give us his little silly grin.


He's got the beat. Whenever music starts, whether we are in a store, in the car, in church, or even when the washing machine starts making it's rhythmic sounds... he boogies. He has been sick these last couple of days and he is not himself (way more cuddly). He was snuggled up, pretty much asleep last night and I was holding him on the couch. We decided to watch 1 episode of How I Met Your Mother. He stayed asleep until the theme music came on. As soon as it did, he popped up and started swaying side to side... with a fever. It was pretty funny.

He LOVES Lucy. And he is close to saying her name. It sounds something like... "oouuusshhhheeeee", but he always does it with intense excitement when he sees her.


The only reason he isn't pointing to Lucy here is because he wants the ball I took away for the picture. Balls might be the one thing that he likes more than Lucy.

He could totally be walking if he wanted to, but he is content where he is. He loves to push around his walk n' ride toy that he got for Christmas (THANKS, Rysers!!!) and he can maneuver that thing wherever he wants to go! If he runs into something, he swings it around to a new direction and even likes to walk with it with one hand that is hardly holding on. He is pretty good! When I put him down, he stands on his own for awhile or just starts walking with me holding his hand to wherever he wants to be.

He still hates sleeping. His naps are still 20 minutes long, making for a very tired kid once 6:30pm rolls around and a mama with a messy house. We've tried everything we can think of and have been told by others, but he still hates the naps.

He is starting to love books. He is a WILD child and is always on the move, but he will sit in my lap in the rocking chair while I read (his favorite) books. He won't even sit that still when I nurse him! He definitely keeps me busy.

Arlo, you are almost ONE! I can't believe it, but I am very excited to see you grow and change even more!



matriarch said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!! It's easy to see he isn't feeling well but he still smiles and tries to be happy! What a joy he is!!