still on the verge

well, he is getting a little more steady on his feet... but still not enough confidence to go for it on his own. today he was walking while holding onto a teddy bear that i was holding onto, but he was not using it for balabce whatsoever, even if he thought it was. now every time i take lucy outside it has become a huge deal to arlo. he has to walk on his own. if i try and carry him i get a wiggle worm, screaming child, fighting for release. now we bring his walker (best present ever!) outside with us and he loves it! it's a pretty long walk for a kid that doesn't really walk on his own yet! now it's a fight to come back inside! he would stay out there all day long if he could. 
he points at everything, constantly. here, it was a car. 
he found a rock part way through our trip. and would not let it go. he brought it home and it is now in his toy box. he takes it out frequently and plays with it. crazy kid.


that's what she said...

he is growing up so fast!

goodness, it's like our kids are waaaaaay different in age. and not the 2 weeks that actually separate them. lol.

Brady and Brittney said...

It's amazing how much they can walk around! Audrey and I will walk for blocks and blocks before we head home and she too collects rocks (her favorite) or leaves or pine cones or sticks. They sure are crazy kids!

Rob and Marseille said...

I love your quatama cloggers pic on the side!
It's ok Danielle, Michael doesn't cruise around furniture yet.

Andrea said...

Court, I am dying to come see that cutie pie! He looks like so much fun. I want to say he is at such a great age, but honestly watching your child grow is fun and rewarding at every stage and you feel like you'd be happy to freeze time at any moment. Love the picture of him pointing at a car, and it's adorable that he made the rock his toy. Sometimes I wish I had a vacuum like Lucy:)