swingin' in the rain

sort of... it wasn't raining all that much. today was the first wednesday farmer's market over in the whole foods parking lot, we met up with our friends laura and her adorable son, nico, who we met when we lived in the hotel. i was pretty excited for this market because it is walking distance from our house! so we walked on over and checked it out. not a ton of vendors, but a lot of fun. we came home with a good amount of hummus and had some beignets! the first time i have had some since new orleans (the only place i have had them). they definitely weren't the same, but they were still sugary, greasy, and delicious. the other great thing about the wednesday market, is that it is right by magnolia park. i look forward to summer afternoons at the market and playing at the park in the fountain with arlo. you should join us one of these days!

here is arlo at the park, being a cone head!