giving birth on 10.10.10

remember a long time ago when i posted about this amazing project?

well, ryan from pacing the panic room, is back at it! check out his post here.

he is looking for mothers due on or around 10.10.10 to have their birth filmed for the One Day on Earth project. i want to help because, you all know that i love birth and think it is the most amazing thing, ever. if any of you can help... let me know. here are some ways you can help:

  • if you know someone due around this time
  • if you know a midwife (or are one)
  • if you know a doula (0r are one)
  • if you know a OB/GYN (or are one)

I need to find as many expectant mothers with the due date of 10.10.10. or any time close to that date, that would be interested in having their birth captured for this film project. The challenge here is tremendous, the timing of it all is never a guarantee, plus the decision to share something so very intimate with the world is not something to take lightly. These are some of the most raw and gorgeous seconds of life to witness, and it would be hard to tell the human story without this element.

So if you know of anyone with this due date, if you have this due date, if you are a member to a birth community like The Bump, know midwives, doulas, OB-GYNs, if you are a Midwife, a Doula, an OB-GYN, and can reach out to expectant mothers with this due date (or close), please reach out to me. I need to find these Mama-to-bes. Where are they? Where are you? It does not matter what part of the world you are reading this from. If you are interested, we will find someone to film this event.
Ryan, of Pacing the Panic Room


The Thornocks said...

This sounds so neat! I'm not officially due until Nov. 5, but I just got back from my doc appt. and she said I'm measuring 35 almost 36 weeks right now and I'm only 32 (surprise, surprise, I always start measuring big towards the end) and that with my track record, we could probably expect the baby anywhere from Oct. 15-29. She said that because my babies are normally so big and come early, if I haven't come by the 29th then we can induce.
SO, it's a little bit after 10.10.10 and I live like 3 hours away and I have no idea when I'm actually going to go into labor, so I realize there's probably no way you'd want to do it, but I'm here and available if you want....and I know I'd love to have you there as well! Are you going to take pictures for Ksenia? That would be really neat! I wish I lived out there with you ladies!!!!

The Thornocks said...

P.S. I also have a friend who is due within a couple of days of the 10th, and I know that she would LOVE to have you there taking pictures. She's really fun. The only problem is she's in Seattle...3 hours away...seems to be a pattern here

Marissa and Blaine said...

Sorry, I can't help... but what a cute little man! I love that picture! Thank you. =)