this holiday season, i have been more excited than i have in a long, long, long time.  maybe it's because we will actually be in our house with (hopefully) no water damage.  maybe it's because arlo is getting older and i am excited for him.  maybe there really is no real reason, but either way, i am very excited.

i am also feeling very grateful for everything that i have in my life. and i wanted to make a small list of just some of the things that i am most grateful for.

1. my family. this includes my extended family as well. a constant in the midst of a crazy, changing world. people come and go, but family is always there and i am so thankful for that. i am so unbelievably grateful for their help and support, it is amazing how much they have done for me. i cannot begin to express the love i feel from them. and i hope that they all know that i love them too. especially dan and arlo. these two guys are the best things in my life.


2. my friends. of course, there are many also, that are not pictured. these are a couple of my favorite ladies though. my friends are amazing people. they too, give so much. in primary, the chorister asked the children to think about all of the people that serve them. as i thought about this, my list was endless. my friends are among those that serve me, even when they don't think that they are. they are amazing. i am so thankful for my friends.


3. i am thankful for the means i have to live, and all of the conveniences in this world. this includes everything from my house (while on some days i act ungrateful, with all of the construction, i am truly grateful for it) to my toothpaste and my vacuum. i have so many things that i take for granted that others do not have. i should be thankful for them more.

i could list many, many, many, many more things.... but, arlo needs my attention. and he deserves it.

happy thanksgiving everyone!


Ksenia said...

I feel the same -- we are so so blessed. Thanks for being my friend :) We should make that beach trip an annual event, it was a lot of fun.