san fran {part three}

 this weekend, dan got to take a little bit of time off of work to spend with us. 
saturday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (pictures to come later) and then we went to a beach in Carmel. It felt like summer, I couldn't believe that it was January and we were on a pretty warm sunny beach. 

that night we stayed at Dan's client's amazing home in Carmel Valley, located on a HUGE hill... check out this view. (out on the deck with no makeup)
 this picture does NOT to this view any justice. there is also an equally amazing view on the other side of the house.

we also had lunch at this cute and tasty place, the Wild Goose Cafe. We ate outside and I was hot! It honestly felt like Oregon summer. While the food was delicious, the guy working there was not very friendly.

it was a nice weekend, and it was especially nice to get a different view outside where we have spent the last week. now, we have the rest of this week ahead.... starting it out exhausted since Arlo slept horribly the last two nights. But, we are thankful for the gorgeous weather and the chance to see all of these beautiful places. 


Ksenia said...

Looks like it would be so fun! (if you were there for an actual vacation the whole time). The light on the beach is beautiful.

Andrea said...

Your pictures from California are beautiful. What a nice adventure! I'm holding you to your word that you're coming to Utah this year! We would be in heaven to have you stay with us. My girls will go nuts over Arlo. He'd have three extra mothers. Not sure how he'll feel, but they'll love every second of it.