death to the satellite dish

the previous owners of our house had a satellite dish and it lived happily on the roof, even though we didn't use it. then our house was re-roofed and the workers dismounted it and left it sadly in our back"yard". 

we are starting the process of fixing up our backyard so that arlo can play in it (we got a sandbox & slide for him). so, today i am trying to get rid of the junk back there. namely, this dish.

i call dish network to see if they can come uninstall it & recycle it or use the parts in any way. oh, and did i mention that there is a big fatty cord attached to it that is connected to our house? 

they told me to do whatever with it, cut the cord and throw it away. THROW IT AWAY? they don't recycle or re-use them any longer. this is appalling to me. appalling. horrible. this thing is huge. i try to have less than a tall kitchen bag full of garbage a week (and i even feel like that is a lot, i am soon going to be composting). 

so, now what to i do with it? i am going to be writing dish network a letter. and i already politely explained to the kind man on the phone how horrible it was that i was just supposed to put it into our landfills. 

if anyone knows of alternative (serious and useful) answers, please let me know. google has already told me that i can use it as a bird bath or wok. no thanks. 


Adrianna said...

There are many electronic recycling places in the area, some free and some not, just google it. I bet they would take it.
Dish customers pay for those, and it costs Dish too much to send a technician out to take it down, so they take the easy way out. I've often thought it a shame as well.

Rob and Marseille said...

Arlo (and you!) are going to love the backyard when it's ready!

Megan said...

is there a metal recycling place that would take it?

Ciara said...

Far west fiber takes things like this. They are located behind the rv camp world on tv highway

albina N muro said...

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