father's day

wow, i am sick of looking at that picture of the satellite dish, how about you? we ended up taking it to an electronic recycling place in portland.

anyway, today was dan's 2nd official father's day and i think it was pretty fun. he has been wanting to get new music and so arlo & i got him a gift card for amazon to download some music. he has been having fun working on that all afternoon. he is pretty happy about that.

we got to spend some time today with my family and dan's family. it was a good day. i feel so blessed to have such wonderful family in my life. it's the truth, they are pretty cool. especially dan. i could not ask for a better father for our kid (someday kids). i love him and i love how much he loves arlo.

happy father's day danny!


matriarch said...

Dan truly is an amazing father and husband. We are so blessed to have him in our family.