Arlo has turned 2

On Arlo's actual birthday this year... I was out of town for the military. It was probably harder on me than it was on Arlo. Let's face it, he doesn't really know what a birthday is yet (although now I think that he does a little bit).  So, we had a small little shin dig on my one day off with my family (in two weeks). It was a little stressful for me to pull together so quickly, but it was very worth it to see Arlo so happy. He was so happy when we sang him "Happy Birthday", even though my lighter wasn't working to actually light the candles, and it was super windy anyway. He was very excited about his melon cake, he couldn't keep his hands off of it, and kept asking to eat it the entire time. And if you notice, there are 3 candles on the cake... Arlo did that. The fruit "cake" went over pretty well, although I think some of the older kids were confused by it. They expected actual cake. Oh well, they were happy! (I got the idea for the cake HERE)

Later that night, when we put Arlo to bed (after much crying about having to stop playing with his new trains), he requested that we sing "Happy Birthday" to him instead of the usual bed time songs. It was pretty cute. He is so grown up!


that's what she said...

happy birthday arlo! and I love the way the cake turned out!

The Barlows said...

I can't believe he's two! My how time flies! Happy Birthday to the little man!

Rob and Marseille said...