Table Rock

The last week (and a bit more), I have been on my Army National Guard Active Training. Basically for our band that means traveling the state and performing concerts. However, I think the very best thing we did all week was PT at Table Rock. It ended up being about 5 1/2 miles in all. There was a pretty steep hike up to the top... SGT Sigman & I power hiked the entire way. It was certainly a huge workout.

Once we got to the top, it was completely flat up until the viewpoint so we ran/jogged the mile to the end of the rock to the beautiful view:

after we enjoyed the view for a little bit, we ran back (most of the way) to the steep trail to go back down. It was a killer on the shins & knees, but so worth it. i honestly loved it, it is amazing how enjoyable working out can be when you have great scenery! i need to go back here sometime.