a free day

yesterday was the first day in a month or so that we didn't have anything on the schedule and nothing planned that had to get done that day. arlo loves the MAX and so we decided to take a ride to the children's museum. we loved the train ride and even played with his trains while riding. every time the train would stop at one of the other stops he'd say "ride train!!!" because he didn't want to get off. it was super cute.

once we got to the children's museum, he was a little overwhelmed at first. there was a fair amount of kids there running around and lots to see. after looking around for awhile i convinced him to go play in the water works and boy did he love it.

he ended up soaking his shoes and bottom of his pants. but, he could care less. he would hardly even look up or respond to me if i asked him a question he was so into it. eventually i started getting hungry, but he could care less about food because the water was so fun. finally we went and had some lunch. then i convinced him to leave to go ride the train. on the way back to the max, we passed by this very cool, old train that arlo played on for awhile.

he was so cute about it and kept saying "all aboard" and "wooo woooo!". i wish i had my real camera instead of just my cell phone, but these still work! it was a very fun day for arlo. we look forward to more frequent trips to the children's museum (my mom got us a membership there for Christmas & just now activated it) and even signed Arlo up for a class called "Science Tots", which looks like a lot of fun!