arlo's first lie.

i wish i had a picture to post with this, but i don't. there really wasn't a ton of poop involved. yes, this story involves poop.

arlo is getting more familiar with his bodily functions. he has successfully peed on the potty 4 times now. he gets really excited about it, but we aren't pushing it. when we change his diaper, we'll ask him if he wants to sit on the potty. if he says yes, we let him, if he says no, we just say "okay" and tell him "if you need to go pee pee or poo poo, you can tell us and you can go on the potty". that has yet to happen yet. but, we will continue this process for awhile. he has also watched "Elmo's potty time" and we've read a couple of children's potty themed books.

anyway, i am rambling. so, today he was "taking a nap" and all of the sudden over the monitor i hear, "mommy!!! WASH YOUR HANDS!" (which means he wants to wash his hands). i immediately thought poop or boogers. there is no way that it could be anything else.

so, i went into his room and it smelled like poop. luckily it was just on his one hand.

me: "wow, what is that?"

arlo: "sandbox!"

me: "no, that is poop, sand does not smell like that, did you touch your poop?"

arlo: "ummm, no"

then i took him to the bathroom to wash his hands. then we went to change his diaper. i asked him again if he touched his poop and he told me no.

this kid did NOT want to admit that he touched his poop! what does he think is going to happen?


Darcy Taylor said...

I am surprised that this is the first time he has lied to you! Grae ALWAYS tells me he is not poopy when he is, or didn't hit Jules when he did, or whatever else he doesn't want me to know. And he has been like that for as long as I can remember. You must have a little angel :) (His little face sure looks angelic, so maybe...)