Great Oregon Steam Up!

a few weekends ago, we took arlo to the Great Oregon Steam Up! It was a hot day, but we enjoyed ourselves. I found myself much more fascinated with everything than I thought that I would be. I hope to go back again next year! Also, my grandpa came with us, which was awesome. 
Arlo loved all of the construction vehicles, but was a little wary of getting too close to them. It took some coaxing to get this picture of him standing on it.

we got to ride little mini trains! 

see lots of awesome and crazy machines like this one, the BLAISDELL engine compressor! 

LOTS of cool old trains and machines to see.

Okay, this was the weirdest thing. There was this woman walking around with this HUGE snake around her shoulders. Anyway, she was in line for food in front of us and Arlo was obsessed with the snake. He seriously was not afraid at all. The woman said she was surprised with how into it Arlo was, she said usually kids just see it, look at it, and are done. But, the whole 10+ minutes that we were in line, Arlo wanted to touch it. I don't know how I feel about it... still... 

Later that evening, we got together with some friends for an amazing BBQ. All of the food was great! And the company was perfect. Can't wait to do it again! 
This picture is blurry, but I love it! Anya is the cutest.

The kids had fun playing riding bikes. 

And Arlo played with cars, trains, or trucks most of the time. He didn't get a nap this day and was very tired. However, that is not why he is laying down. He loves to play with his vehicles this way, to get right down on their level. It must feel more real/seem cooler to him. I love it though, it is the cutest thing and I am glad that I got a picture of it finally.


that's what she said...

love all the pictures-sounds like a great day. And Arlo laying down with his cars, both my boys do it the exact same way. Must be a guy thing! ;)