melissa is getting married!!!

my best friend from high school (my bopsy twin) is getting married NEXT MONTH! i am completely honored & excited to be her matron of honor. i had a really fun time hosting & planning her bridal shower, with lots of help from the other bridesmaids.

it's hard to tell from this picture, but we had Melissa's name hanging from the tree. it was actually my favorite decoration

the big group shot!

the bridal party. we are leaving for Vegas on Thursday! 

we spent many, many hours making 100's of these flowers. they were so pretty.

food. yummm.

yummy cake jars! mmmmm. 

there were 2 "hunky kyle" pictures hidden. those who found them won a prize.

we played a trivia game, with video answers from mr. kyle himself.

look how cute melissa is. seriously, it's not fair.

during the trivia game, the guests and to guess whether or not they thought mel's answer would match kyle's. these lovely ladies had no faith.

prizes, beautifully placed & wrapped by miss alli.

opening gifts

she got THREE of the same frame. hahaha.

the bouquet.

or hat. 

melissa & myself. can't wait for the wedding!!!


Rachel said...

What a good friend! That shower looks like it was the most fun ever! I've played the trivia game but not with a video... I love everything about it! I want to know about those cake jars... Please "fill" me in on them- the filling looks good. Also, you make the comment about her being so cute- and not "fair!" Whatever!!! You are so naturally beautiful and so is your son (I had to throw that in b/c I couldn't stop staring at him in sacrament Sunday, you know, the times you were in there)!

Ashleigh said...

Um, that was pretty much the best bridal shower I have ever seen. You're amazing. Can I re-marry Chad and have you throw my bridal shower? I loved it! You're such a great friend.

The Barlows said...

How exciting! I remember seeing you guys together ALL the time in school! You girls did a beautiful job on the shower!

Heatha said...

Wow, she really is adorable. And you did a great job on the shower! Now I need to catch up with you guys and get hitched too! :)