i apologize in advance if you follow me on instagram because this will be very repetitive for you. but, i wanted to document on my blog what we have been up to.

the weather has been so nice here lately, amazing for oregon in may. we are loving it. we have been spending as much time outside as possible.

Dan is going to be playing on a men's lacrosse league this summer (along with some friends and ward members). He has gone out a couple times to practice and get ready. Yesterday we tagged along while the guys played. Lucas & Arlo also played and had a fun time running around.

Dan had a birthday on the 14th, he is now a whopping 27. I will be joining him in about 2 weeks :) 

Our ward boundaries changed a couple of weeks ago. We are now in the Orenco ward. Arlo is pretty excited that he now goes to church with Lucas. I hope that the Evertons won't get too sick of us now :) 
So far it has been fun to meet some new people and also get to be in a ward with some people we already knew. We are sad to have left Quatama ward, which we loved... but I am confident that we will love Orenco just as much. 

I am now 34 1/2 weeks pregnant (on wednesday I hit 35 weeks). This pregnancy has not been the most fun, but I can say with confidence that I am very, very excited to meet this handsome little man. Maybe I am weird, but I just think he looks so cute in the above picture. I can't wait to hold him in my arms instead of my uterus. He still does not have a name, but we have about 5 names that we do like... just can't decide which one to use. 

Arlo is definitely turning into a little boy and leaving the toddler stage. He is constantly standing up tall and saying "look at me!" because he wants us to see/say how tall and big he is. He likes to be independent, except when it comes to pulling his pants back up after going to the bathroom. He is constantly full of energy and can go forever. We have gone on some long walks and he will go the whole way almost running. 
He still is in love with trains and constantly talks about having a train cake on his birthday. His favorite thing to do at home is make massive train tracks all over the living room floor. 
He also seems excited to have a baby brother, he frequently comes up, hugs my belly and says "I love the baby". He is also very affectionate right now and constantly tells me that he loves me. It is very sweet and I adore it. 
Also, whenever we drive somewhere, he has to ask every 2 minutes where we are going even though he already knows. If you ask the question back to him, he answers it the right way. 
He also LOVES to talk. He is quite the motor mouth. When he wants to talk to us and shoot the breeze he will say to us "Let's talk about it". It is pretty cute. 
I think he will mostly do well with the new baby. Problems I am predicting are him thinking that he can pick up the baby on his own... this baby might need protection. And then once the baby is mobile and can break his train tracks... I think he'll get pretty ticked. Of course, I am sure he will get a bit jealous, but I honestly think he will do okay. He is pretty excited and he does love other babies. Even though I am not nursing those babies for hours a day, which will be an adjustment for sure for him. 


jamie t. said...

Arlo is getting so big. You look great and can't wait to see your little guy.

Darcy Taylor said...

Did Dan play lacrosse in high school? Where/when will they be playing? I wouldn't mind seeing how lacrosse is played.

Courtney said...

Yeah, Dan played in high school. Lacrosse is a lot like hockey (I think the rules for hockey were modeled after Lacrosse) and sort of similar to soccer, but of course there are differences). They will have games every Tuesday starting in a couple weeks, you guys should come!