bike riders

these guys are killin' me... wishing i could be riding as well. hopefully before the weather gets yucky again, i will get out and ride some more. arlo is loving his new bike and getting more and more confident with riding, which is a little scary for me because with my size i can hardly keep up with him.

this was his first ride outside

getting better

riding with dad, which he might love more than riding his own bike because he goes faster

last night i took arlo & lucy out all on my own because dan was out playing lacrosse with some guys to get ready for his men's league, which starts tonight actually. it was a bit crazy because arlo is getting faster and more confident and lucy kept trying to either run in front or stop and smell things. arlo even fell down twice on this ride and happily, bravely got right back up and started riding again. i was very proud of him. 
once i am recovered after this baby is born, it will be fun to take him out and let him go faster and i can run along side him.