7 months

Well, Eliot will actually be 8 months old on Wednesday (1 day from now). However, I did take these pictures a few weeks ago when he was close to his 7 month birthday. 

He was not particularly smiley, but he was still pretty cute. Also, I wasn't able to get good photos on my bed like I have for the first 6 months. The light was bad and he was such a fast little mover, even though I was close I was scared he was going to fall off the bed. So, downstairs by the window had to do! 

Eliot has been working on getting his top two teeth for awhile and they are taking their sweet time. He is not comfortable and neither of us have been very happy about it. But, all in all, his spirits have been pretty good as long as he is awake and entertained. He is not sleeping the best, but hopefully that is just a phase. 

When I took these photos, he was just learning to crawl on his hands and knees. He is so busy that he does not want to even take the time to eat. I feel like I spend an absurd amount of time each day trying to get him to eat something. At his 6 month check up (which he was 7 months at), he was only 40% for weight. Arlo never got below 50%, but always stayed around 50%. He does not have the patience to nurse anymore, which is difficult for me. He does love the bottle though. Complete opposite of Arlo, who would not even touch one. 

Eliot is really sweet. He is mostly a happy little guy. He loves everyone. He is very energetic and motivated to move and get what he wants. He is very focused on whatever it is that he wants and does not forget about it. He wants to be held, but is hard to hold because he does not hold still! 

We love this little guy. I am not wanting him to get any bigger, but it happens every day and every day he learns something new! 


Rachel said...

So handsome... And he looks grown up if that makes any sense for being so little at the same time.

fragrant breeze said...

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