6 months

Have I really not blogged since Eliot's 3 month post? Wow... oops. A LOT has been going on. I need to post on a few things, but right now I will just go ahead with Eliot's 6 month post.

 Eliot is now closer to 7 months than 6, but these photos were taken 1 day after he hit 6 months :) 

Eliot has 2 teeth and is working pretty hard on the top 2 already, at least it seems that way. 

This guy is insanely mobile. He is not full on hands & knees crawling, but he is SO close to it. He rocks on his hands and knees and will spring himself forward from that position. He is insanely fast at scooting, who knows if he will ever actually crawl because I am amazed at his scooting speed. I should start thinking about getting some baby gates up. Just yesterday he started trying to pull himself up on short things. Eeek.

Eliot is always moving. If you hold him, he tries to crawl up your chest and starts jumping off of you or twisting around. He does not like to be still. He was the same way when I was pregnant with him, he was very active inside me. His amount of activity (even at this age) is making me a little scared for what is to come. I am glad that we got a home with a yard for my two crazy, active boys! 

He is still very, very happy for the most part. He will smile at you, even when he is crying. He is very social and will smile and jabber at any one. 

Eliot loves his big brother. Any thing that Arlo does, Eliot is watching. He would rather watch Arlo than eat, sleep, etc.  Even after Arlo is rough with him, he is back to smiling at him about 1 minute later. I am excited and nervous for their relationship. Since they are both so active, I have a feeling we will have lots of rough housing. Arlo already rolls around the floor with Eliot and they giggle and smile.

I seriously love this little guy. He is so sweet and happy. He is always a bright spot in my day. I love to cuddle him and rock him to sleep, it is one of my favorite parts of the day... except when Arlo is awake during that time and is running around, distracting him. 


that's what she said...

handsome baby boy! knock on wood, but we've never made an ER trip with all our rough-housing. maybe you'll be as lucky! ;)

Christy Wheeler said...

What a cutie!