This is our new townhouse! Just the inside, nothing of the outside. We are going to paint the entire house... hopefully most of it before we get married. Last night we bought couches and are getting a really nice coffee table from my generous dad and step mom... really the only thing else we need is a dining room set! We are supposed to sign all the papers and get the keys by thursday!!! Keep your fingers crossed. I am really excited. 3 weeks from this time today, Dan and I will be married :) yay!
Today Pam, my mom and I went to go pick our my flowers and went out to lunch and Laurie came too. I also took pictures of my car cause I am going to sell it and post it on craig's list tonight. I am going to miss that thing. Let me know if you know of anyone who is interested!!!


Ashleigh said...

wow, the place looks awesome! Once you paint it and put your own personal touch to it, you'll love it even more. I can't wait for you guys!!! It's so exciting!

munga said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your townhouse. It looks very livable. We're so happy for you!!
You're going to miss your cute little bug, Courtney. Wish I could buy it. They're so much fun to drive. Grandpa and I had one when we were first married. We nearly froze to death when we were living in Utah though. Back then they didn't have good heaters.

Andrea said...

Your townhouse looks great. Congrats. There is one problem you two have overlooked though. It has the wrong zip code. It's supposed to be somewhere in Utah closer to the Ryser fam. You two are still young and bound to make a few mistakes along the way. Hopefully you'll learn.

Matt and Danielle Young said...

Very Exciting!!! I can't believe it is so close to your wedding day! Time has been flying by. Perhaps the snoring 3 week old in my lap could have some explanation for that. lol. Your townhouse looks great now and once you are done putting a 'courtney touch' on it, that place is going to look INCREDIBLE! no pressure, i just know how you work. :):):) And that big closet in the extra bedroom will be perfect to hold lots of baby gear. Y'know, if you ever needed to fill it with that. lol. love ya!

M-GEMBlaisdell said...

I love your blog title! But I love that you guys are getting a house close to us even more :) What a cool place! I even love the walls... give it personality. You HAVE to have a Christmas/houswarming party soon.