my birthday week. slightly late.

So, I had a great birthday this year thanks to Dan, the rest of my family, and great friends! You all rock and I just want to thank you big time for everything.

Monday morning (the 2nd) I woke up to cinnamon rolls, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and OJ all prepared by my wonderful Dan. It was delicious. Then, a little after lunch time I was working on the end of the year slide show for our class and all the sudden a bouquet of flowers "fall" into my lap with some balloons and chocolate, then there was Dan standing there... he is so great. I then came home to presents from Dan (Juno the movie, the soundtrack, Boston Greatest Hits, and Scrabble). We then went to Thai Elephant with my mom and sister and had my favorite dessert, followed by some shopping at Victoria's Secret then a game of scrabble and lots of Dan time.

Oh... and it is not over. The next day we celebrated my birthday with the class and all the kiddos. They made me some wonderful cards and treats.
That night we went to Chevy's for another birthday dinner with just Dan and myself. I got myself a sombrero... it was magnificent.

Then the grand finale. My birthday party with family and my good friends! I had so much fun and loved playing apples to apples. We must do it again. Here is a very flattering picture of me in my cozy bathrobe from Bon Bon (which I wear pretty much every stinkin night, by the way), my princess crown and earrings from Forest, and my nerf gun (with laser light) also from Forest. It was a great night filled with carrot cake, cookies, and garlic chicken pizza.



Zach said...

happy (late) birthday. I don't get on facebook enough anymore to be on top of birthday wishes like i used to be.

sounds like you had a great one though.

Danielle and the Boys said...

ohhh...i'm glad your birthday was so awesome courtney, you deserve the best! :)

p.s. i know you and dan did a lot of research. i've been wanting to get a portrait lense, since that's ALL I DO, lol, and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations from what you researched. Then I just have to save up to buy it....oh joy. haha.