i don't know how many of you will think this is funny... but i got a big kick out of it.
nikon recently released it's fancy new D3x and it's a spendy baby.

hahahaha... so great.


Danielle and the Boys said...

HA! i was just watching several different versions of this same video with different words (ex. world of warcraft, byu losing to utah, etc) last week. Hadn't seen this version yet...

Heather said...

heheh.. very funny!

Thing that confuses me is that the D3X won't even do a straight ISO 6400 like the D3! What were they thinking?

I'm a Canon girl, myself, but I admit to drooling over the idea of shooting by candlelight. The D3 is a brilliant camera.

Honestly, with that much money on the table I'd rather buy the Canon 5D Mark II (at a measly $2700) and make the transition to HD Video, then do screen grabs. Photojournalistic style rules!

It's scary to think where the industry is headed, isn't it?

Brady and Brittney said...

yay! congratulations! welcome to the world of having a baby. it seems to be all the craze and for good reason. it only gets better from here on out. not that you'll get more comfortable or feel tip top shape all the time but you get little rewards along the way that make it sooooo worth it. congrats!

Josh and Jena said...

I have been so out of the blogging world, so I just barely saw your pregnancy counter up top and then scrolled down to see the pregnancy post! Ya-freakin-hoo! That is super exciting. I hope you get feeling better quickly- it is no fun being sick!

The Thornocks said...

HAHA! I just watched the video and that is hilarious. Ohhh, the fun that we have jumped into. Photography is flipping expensive!!!