i am loving...

andrew bird (among many other things). last saturday dan and i "did that thing we like to do" (dan) and bought several new cd's from target. they have good deals and good artists. we were suprised and excited when we saw that they carried the new andrew bird album and bought it. of the cd's we purchased that day, it is my favorite and i just can't get enough. so far, "confes" is my favorite track.

you can go to his myspace page and listen to many songs if you feel so inclined... and you really should. the first five songs on the player are from the new CD.

i was amazed by him from the beginning... when i went to see nickel creek and he opened for them. i was loving his eccentricity and original sounds of violin, whistling, guitar, and the bells... looping. i have since seen him perform twice and am never let down.

here he is... performing one of the songs off of "noble beast"... it's not the best sound quality, but you can see how he loops. playing it all on his own. i am so sad i missed him this last time he came.

and here is an actual music video of a slightly older song: