sorry for the severe lack of posts. i have lots of pictures and things to write about, but just don't get the chance to. we are out of our home for awhile and therefore are down to one computer, the laptop, which Dan takes to work and then works on at "home"/the hotel. i at least wanted to get this picture up for now.

i have been trying to get a good picture of Arlo's new little teeth. this is one of the best i could get. he looks like he's crying, but he's really just making weird faces. this was taken on a cranky day, though :)

he cut the first tooth on Dec 13th and the second one while in Barnes & Noble (he let everyone know what was going on) on the 21st. Go Arlo!



Ksenia said...

Awww... welcome to the late babyhood Arlo! It's a big step toward crackers and raisins and all sorts of goodies.

Awesome said...

Looks like it's painful. Poor little dude.

Marissa and Blaine said...

How cute! Mylee didn't get any teeth until 8 months, and then it took her 4 more months to get anymore!

Andrea said...

What a cutie! If Arlo's anything like my kids (thinking of genetics), he'll have a whole mouth full of teeth by the time he's one. Kind of sad-I always love the gummy little baby smile:)