in 2010

I've been thinking a lot about goals. At two separate times, I have that it is better to set "goals", than "resolutions", at church last week and over at simple mom. So, here is my classic New Years post of the things I want to accomplish this year, and I want to break them down into some of the categories used at simple mom and then break them down as I learned to do in my Sports Psychology class. Yes, that class was useful.

Personal Growth:
-Improve my spirituality:
1. personal prayers everyday
a. get up early
2. personal scripture study time everyday
b. get up early
3. put conference talks on my ipod and listen to them as i work out

- Read the following books:
1. Plenty
2. In Defense of Food
3. Last Child in the Woods

Physical Health:

-Work out at least 4 days a week (more would be great)
1. Get up before the baby
2. Get to bed at a decent hour

-Be able to pass my PT test by March
1. Workouts consisting of running, push ups, and sit ups
2. Hold to my 4 day a week rule.

Money Matters:

-Increase income through growing my photography business:
1. create marketing tools/display
2. connect with at least 2 OB/midwife offices that will allow me to display my work
3. Finish my website

-Stick to a monthly food budget
1. Figure out what I am spending now, keep track during January
2. Make a budget and stick to it
a. meal plan
b. use coupons where available
3. Still eat good quality, healthy, local food where necessary


matriarch said...

These are GREAT goals, Courtney. So proud of you. You are a wonderful wife and mother.

Danielle and the Boys said...

just finished writing my goals for the year (and I actually read the same article from simple mom)-good luck with yours court! we can do it! :)

Clan Details said...

sounds like a solid list. i will recommend a book to you for your food budget; Miserly Mom by Lonnie something (ill bring it to clogging on Mon.) it is great and helped me remember old tricks and learn new ones to decrease our food bill. keep up the good work you are a great lady and mom!