day at the park

this is from a little while ago... but, i am way behind in blogging. lots of pictures, and not enough time. ever since our little flooding mishap... life keeps throwing swings at us. we're good and staying positive (for the most part...), it just makes for less blog time. not as many cute updates on Arlo :)

this is the day we had stake conference (man, it's so nice to be done with church at 12pm, rather than 4pm). so we decided to take a stroll to a nearby park. here are some of my favorite photos.


i love my guys.


matriarch said...

So precious!! Two good looking guys for sure. Thanks for sharing.
Love you all.

that's what she said...

what a handsome little guy you have! :)

The Earley's said...

I agree! Arlo is so cute. I love the way you dress him, too!