i am constantly amazed by the wonderful people that there are out there. so many people inspire me to be better, to see things different ways, to love better. one of the most recent things that has inspired me is this movie:

the parents of this amazing young boy are great. they are patient, they are loving, and they are devoted. even though they did something that most people might think is crazy, i admire them for it and i see them as very clear thinkers. i hope that someday i can be that sort of parent for arlo. 

this movie is on netflix instant play if you have it. i suggest you watch it when you get the chance. 


Ksenia said...

Wow... I am speechless. That indeed was inspiring. Seeing how much the parents cherished all those smiles from their son and how much they loved him. I would love to see the whole film.

I also liked how they seemed to get rid of everything in their lives but the basics. Just nature, family, and pure necessities.

Mandee said...

Thanks for posting! I need this kind of spiritual uplifting and inspiration daily. Love it. Love you!

Mandee said...

ps. thought I should add a thanks to Ksenia for inspiring me too. Love you too!

matriarch said...

When Justin recommended this movie to you, I immediately ordered it from Netflix. Grandpa and I watched it and were so impressed by these amazing parents!! Such patience and devotion. Wish I had been able to view something like this when our children were young. It would have been so helpful with dealing with Melanie's problems. Love you much.