Lost Lake

Maybe I am crazy, but I really wanted to go camping this summer... even with a new baby. With the end of summer pretty much here, I thought we were out of luck. However, we were invited last minute to join some friends on an adventure to Lost Lake. We jumped at the opportunity and quickly got everything ready and I am so glad that we did. 

Eliot bundled & cuddled up on morning #1
He did so well and only woke up twice during the night!

The first morning we started off with a walk with the kids. There is a trail that goes around the entire lake. We didn't hike the whole thing, but checked a part of it out. 

When we got back to camp, we got ready to head down to the lake to hang out for the day. We stayed there pretty much all day. We all rented a row boat to share and the kids played in the dirt & water, content the entire day.

it was simply gorgeous!

 Dan actually got in the FREEZING cold water, crazy guy!

 This is almost all Arlo did.... throwing rocks in the water 

So, Arlo & Kai were playing together on this little beach. They were being so cute together and at one point I looked over and they were sitting on a rock together chatting. I grabbed my camera and tried to sneak over. I guess I wasn't sneaky enough because they got up and attacked!

Saturday was one of my most favorite days in such a long time. We were outside with gorgeous weather & scenery. Arlo was so happy to just play outside in the dirt, rocks, & water. Eliot was a dream baby and was so calm. It was so relaxing to just not do a whole lot outside. I didn't want it to end.

 another cute bundled baby photo

The next morning we did the 3 mile hike around the lake. It was gorgeous. Unfortunately, Arlo was exhausted from lack of sleep & lots of playing and whined/cried pretty much the entire 2nd half of the hike. But, I still had fun! It was very beautiful.

funny faces 

Unfortunately we did not get a photo with the ENTIRE group (one family is missing here, they went home the night before). But we got one on our hike before Arlo started melting down.  

 Everyone but Dan (taking the photo) hiking

and of course, I am an awesome mom and took a photo of Arlo crying. I mean, it was how he was acting the entire 2nd part of the hike... hahaha. This was right after we told him not to get his feet wet (he was wearing converse shoes & socks) and then he did anyway. Next time, listen to mom & dad!

I definitely want to go back to Lost Lake. It was one of my favorite spots for camping with kids!


that's what she said...

hahaha...something about those pictures of kids throwing tantrums-SO FUNNY!!! Love all the pictures Courtney! :)

Marissa and Blaine said...

Great pictures! Especially the last one! It'll be a great one to show Arlo when he's a parent and is trying to figure out why his toddler won't listen to him... =)