3 months old

Eliot has already been 3 months old for almost 2 weeks now. Shows how on top of it I am. Oh well!

Eliot has been such a pleasant baby. If he is fed, changed, and rested... he is content and pretty calm. It can be pretty easy to get a smile out of him, but he can also be very serious a lot of the time. 

He rarely cries much anymore, pretty much the only times he does are on long car drives or if he is overly tired. When he wakes up at night, he usually just makes grunting sounds and sometimes will just shout out a couple times.  

He is also starting to not sleep in the car unless he is really tired. He is quite fond of sleeping in his bed (which is a pack n play in our bedroom) and sometimes has a hard time sleeping other places, which is not making me excited about our upcoming trip to New Hampshire, but I am going to try and bring the pack n play with us (is this crazy?!).

Eliot loves his hands, he often pulls or pushes out his pacifier to get his fingers in there. He can get his thumb and suck on it, which I am not a huge fan of... so I try and stick the pacifier in there instead. It works some of the time. He also loves to have things in his hands, a blanket or a lovey are almost a must for him. 

He is pretty good at putting up with his energetic big brother.  I am anxious to see if Eliot keeps his calmer disposition as he gets older. 

Eliot is a cuddler, which is so wonderful. Arlo was never really a cuddler as a baby so it is a nice change (although I must say that Arlo is now really big into cuddling, so I have two cuddle bugs, which I love). 

He rolled over all the way, after much effort for weeks, on the day he turned 3 months old. He easily can get from his back to his stomach, but has only flipped the other way about 4 times total and those times seem like more of an accident. 

He is sleeping pretty decently these days, waking up about twice a night. Usually he goes down around 9ish, then wakes up sometime around 3 and then 6. Those can vary some, but that is probably an average night. Alro still wakes up sometimes due to going potty or nightmares, so I am often up more than those 2 times though :) 

Eliot is starting to not love the swing. He doesn't mind just hanging out on the floor, but that freaks me out with how rambunctious Arlo gets. I find it hard to get much done if both kids are awake because I am always having to make sure Arlo is not attacking Eliot. 

So far, adjusting to 2 kids has not been as hard as I thought! It will be interesting to see how life is as time goes on. There are definitely tough moments and I seem to always be busy, but I love it. I am so blessed to have two wonderful boys in my life! 


Matt 'n Erin said...

What a beautiful little boy!
I would totally take the pack n'play along. Not an unusual thing to see at the airport!

Have a safe trip.